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Welcome to CYBERShark. Elite 24/7/365 Cyber Security Services


CYBERShark, a US Veteran Employed SOC believes that all businesses deserve high-quality security which is why our products are designed to help companies of all sizes and industries effectively manage their networks, protect critical data and maintain regulatory compliance.


With CYBERShark, you receive enterprise-class security and compliance on day one. Our affordable SOC-as-a-Service can be launched in minutes, doesn’t require any hardware installation and is easy to scale as your company grows so you can maintain complete protection for your business at all times.

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Our SOC-as-a-service requires no hardware or appliances to be installed and requires minimal participation from staff, so you can protect your digital assets from day one and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your security operations.

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Built as a functional business solution, CYBERShark helps your business effortlessly take in disparate data from multiple sources and correlate this data across each of your clients’ data sets. The results? Improved customer satisfaction and control.

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CYBERShark solutions are customized for your unique business needs. Scalable, multi-tenant solutions are easily deployed across business units – making complex reporting and compliance possible in a single solution. With real-time monitoring, enterprise-wide visibility, and actionable intelligence, CYBERShark solutions ensure the integrity of your critical data. Connect with us to learn more.


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Environments in IT refers to the different atmospheres through which your network infrastructure may operate. You have a variety of different options when it comes to a network environment, and these environments may vary according to the size of the company and the functions that the environment needs to facilitate. What does not change is the requirement for effective network security monitoring.


When you choose to partner with CYBERShark, our Expert Services Team will support you and your customers every step of the way from evaluation and deployment to maintenance and signature updates.


Our business model is built on the premise that we don’t profit until you do, so CYBERShark provides unparalleled support that will accelerate your success. We go out of our way to provide the hands-on sales support, programs, resources, and technical and compliance expertise that enable you to rapidly expand your security offerings, make existing offerings more compelling, and deliver high-value solutions to your customers.



Estimated global cost of cyber attacks annually by 2025*

*Cybercrime Magazine

266 DAYS

Average amount of time to detect and contain a breach*

*IBM - Cost of data report 2020


Occurred in the first nine months of 2021*


Our Partners

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