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CYBERShark provides reliable and innovative security information event management (SIEM) products and services. Based in part on our many years of experience with the world’s leading managed service providers (MSPs) and enterprises, we are able to offer the most highly evolved security and compliance management software. We also offer unparalleled support to help MSPs develop new or improve their current security-as-a-service business.

We are the trusted security and compliance platform that protects millions of devices and thousands of customers around the globe. Their enterprise class technology solution is deployed and operated on premise, in the cloud or as a service at an affordable cost. Through their patented software based multi-tenant security information and event management (SIEM) technology, CYBERShark delivers unparalleled security visibility, prevents costly downtime, and achieves and maintains compliant operations at a lower cost to operate.



CYBERShark is a full feature SOC-as-a-service program that offers all the benefits of managed security software at a reasonable cost. Our managed security software features include: 

  • 24/7 Security Monitoring

  • Threat Detection

  • EDR

  • SOAR

  • Risk & Liability Assessment

  • Advanced Correlation

  • Real-Time Alerts & Rapid Response

  • Incident Mangement

  • Compliance Reporting



If you're looking for reliable network security monitoring and threat detection for cloud infrastructure, our SOC-as-a-service is for you.​ Our cybersecurity products are compatible with the most popular cloud computing platforms, including the following:


Amazon Web Services has quickly grown to become one of the most commonly used cloud providers in the world. This is in large part because it is incredibly easy to use. New users can connect with the system right away with the help of the intuitive AWS Management Console.

Another big advantage of AWS is that scalability is not a concern. AWS has no capacity limits, so you can purchase the capacity you need and expand whenever you need to without a problem. It is also known for features like Auto Scaling and Elastic Load Balancing which offers incredible speed and agility. With all the data a company may have on the cloud in an AWS environment, good security is critical. Our SOC-as-a-service works with AWS, and our security engineers are very aware of the cybersecurity challenges that exist in an AWS environment.


One of AWS’s biggest competitors is Microsoft Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing environment. Cloud-based organizations have been flocking to Azure for their applications, product development and data because it is easy to use, easy for users to access the system and is highly conducive to scalability. Unfortunately, while Azure comes with a basic level of security for infrastructure, each network that uses the Azure environment is responsible for their own application security and data security.

Our SOC-as-a-service is designed to locate and combat the specific threats that Azure users may face to their applications and data. We understand how the Azure environment may have different vulnerabilities that traditional security monitoring may not be able to police, and we know what to do about it. Our SOC-as-a-service works seamlessly in your Azure environment to log which users are accessing which areas of your Azure infrastructure and why. That way, we can detect whether potential attackers may be probing your environment for weaknesses and alert you if your Azure environment has been breached by a hostile entity.

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Industries We Serve

• Financial

• Healthcare

• Communications

• Higher Education

• Online Services

• Public Sector

• Manufacturing

• Military & Defense

• Energy & Utility Sectors

• Aerospace

• Nonprofit

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