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Powerful technology.
Unparalleled support.

CYBERShark provides reliable and innovative security information event management (SIEM) products and services. Based in part on our many years of experience with the world’s leading managed service providers (MSPs) and enterprises, we are able to offer the most highly evolved security and compliance management software. We also offer unparalleled support to help MSPs develop new or improve their current security-as-a-service business.

We are the trusted security and compliance platform that protects millions of devices and thousands of customers around the globe. Their enterprise class technology solution is deployed and operated on premise, in the cloud or as a service at an affordable cost. Through their patented software based multi-tenant security information and event management (SIEM) technology, CYBERShark delivers unparalleled security visibility, prevents costly downtime, and achieves and maintains compliant operations at a lower cost to operate.

The Only Security & Compliance Platform Purpose - Built for MSPs.

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As economic and regulatory pressures become increasingly intense, more and more IT leaders are turning to the cloud. CYBERShark specializes in helping MSPs to provide the comprehensive cloud security and compliance services necessary to protect their clients’ brands and critical data. Unlike any other platform available, our innovative technology was purpose-built to handle the unique demands of a multi-tenant MSP environment.

CYBERShark provides security & compliance solutions to thousands of enterprises, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and their customers across the globe. World class technology searches and correlates Big Data, in real time, in the cloud, to identify cybersecurity breaches before they occur.


CYBERShark solutions have tremendous power and scalability. You only use – and pay for – functions you and your clients need. The CYBERShark business model is such that we don’t profit until you do. We are invested in building your security business and we work tirelessly to ensure you quickly achieve success. With CYBERShark, you’ll have a true partner in developing your business and can be sure your clients will receive the absolute best security and compliance management services available in the industry today.

Realize Rapid Profits.

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